“THE place where awakening heart centred creators at the forefront of the energetic evolutionary process go to delve into their shadow side, transforming themselves into brilliant beacons of bright light”

Welcome to the beginning of your journey.

Finding yourself here is a strong indication you are awakening and on an ascension pathway.

Connection to Source allows me to assist you to move through your blocks and the obstacles that you face in life as your consciousness begins to expand and awaken.

Ascension is not linear, neither is our healing process.

Only through working on your shadow self can you continually expand your consciousness and understanding of self.

A journey of true awakening is not all fluff and fantasy of love and light.

It requires discipline, courage and strength to keep facing yourself in societies where many do not experience or understand this path.

I am here to help you to remember who you truly are,

To help you strengthen your connection to Source that resides within you.

To help you to heal, release any past traumas and abuse.

In this life and multi-dimensionally in other timelines.

Growth comes from facing your shadow self and bringing those aspects of yourself into the light.

As you evolve your courage and discipline must evolve too. 

This is not a path for the faint of heart and it can feel tiring as you keep being pushed to expand your consciousness to vibrate even higher. 

I am here to walk the path beside you to help you to face your shadow. To assist you in opening up to the light within you. To help you to keep moving forward, healing and vibrating higher on your journey of awakening.

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