“THE place where awakening heart centred creators at the forefront of the energetic evolutionary process go to delve into their shadow side, transforming themselves into brilliant beacons of bright light”

Hi I’m Claire Marie Guckian, the Energy Alchemist for awakening heart centred creators who want to experience HUGE inner transformation, heal and unlock their hidden gifts, talents and creativity.

Are you struggling to find balance in your life since your awakening began?


Has life as you know it has turned into a spin of confusion and chaos?

Everything you thought you knew no longer makes sense?

I can help you to get to the root of the issues that are currently causing problems in your life and make sense of ALL the changes that are making you feel confused and like you’re going crazy.

I can help you to release and heal these issues PERMANENTLY by working with you energetically to change the patterns stored in your energy field, activating a new flow of energy within you.

I can provide an environment for you to feel high vibrational energies so that you can experience HUGE empowering inner transformation and healing.

I can teach you EVERYTHING you need to create a personal toolkit that you can use daily, empowering you to find balance in your life and shift through absolutely anything that comes up for you long after we have finished working together.

I wish my awakening had never begun….

‘I wish my awakening had never begun….I wish I could just go back to how life was before any of this ever happened’ When our awakening first begins...

The Truth About Your Shadow Side

Does talking about your shadow side bring up feelings of fear? Like its something really scary? When we are young children we create stories or...

The Great Awakening

The awakening that is taking place on our planet right now is starting to pick up speed. More and more people are going through situations and...

Finding Balance In Your Masculine and Feminine Flow

Within each of us, there are 2 flows of energy. On one side of your body, a masculine flow and on the other a feminine. For our energy to flow in...

Soul Connections

You know that feeling when you meet someone new, your eyes lock and deep down you recognise them? You don’t always consciously know immediately that...

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