“THE place where awakening heart centred creators at the forefront of the energetic evolutionary process go to delve into their shadow side, transforming themselves into brilliant beacons of bright light”

Hi I’m Claire Marie Guckian, the Energy Alchemist for awakening heart centred creators who want to experience HUGE inner transformation, heal and unlock their hidden gifts, talents and creativity.

Are you struggling to find balance in your life since your awakening began?

Has life as you know it has turned into a spin of confusion and chaos?

Everything you thought you knew no longer makes sense?

I can help you to get to the root of the issues that are currently causing problems in your life and make sense of ALL the changes that are making you feel confused and like you’re going crazy.

I can help you to release and heal these issues PERMANENTLY by working with you energetically to change the patterns stored in your energy field, activating a new flow of energy within you.

I can provide an environment for you to feel high vibrational energies so that you can experience HUGE empowering inner transformation and healing.

I can teach you EVERYTHING you need to create a personal toolkit that you can use daily, empowering you to find balance in your life and shift through absolutely anything that comes up for you long after we have finished working together.

Soul Connections

You know that feeling when you meet someone new, your eyes lock and deep down you recognise them? You don’t always consciously know immediately that something is happening between you, but you feel drawn to this person. Over time you start to understand that there is...

Awakening: Hiding Your True Self

Awakening: What are we all so afraid of that we hide so much of our true selves away? If you are someone who is going through an awakening then I’m sure, like me, you have some interesting stories and experiences to share about how it all unfolded but yet so few of us...

Are you reaching your true potential?

My beliefs of what I can achieve have just been blown wide open. Over the last 4 weeks I’ve been on a journey deep within. I found myself back at a weight I swore years ago I would never reach again. It was time to face myself. Acknowledge I had been burying my head...

Conformity: How Is It Impacting Your Expression Of Your True Self?

Being ourselves can be one of the hardest thing for us to learn. We think that just because we show up online in posts and videos that we are being authentic when really, showing up is just the first step. As we start to show up we begin a journey to shift...

Are You Giving Your Energy Away To Other People?

Are you struggling to manifest clients and create the things you want in your life?     Are you easily distracted by what other people are doing/posting/selling?     If you answered yes to either of these questions then its possible that you are giving your energy to...

Getting To The Root Of An Issue

DAY 30 – GETTING TO THE ROOT OF AN ISSUE   We live in a world where everyone treats their symptoms and rarely get to the root of an issue quite simply because people don’t believe it’s possible to change anything permanently.   Even with all the changes on our planet...

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