About Claire Marie Guckian

Claire Marie GuckianMy name is Claire! I’m an Energy Alchemist who helps awakening heart centred creators at the forefront of the energetic evolutionary process delve into their shadow sides and experience HUGE transformation into brilliant beacons of bright light.

I spend my days writing, coaching, counselling, meditating, hosting sound healing and meditation events and doing energy work that immerses my clients in the highest frequencies available on this planet right now. (pretty cool, right?)

I do this work because I believe that a great shift is taking place on our planet right now.

My mission is to help all of you going through kundalini and heart centred awakenings to shift out of the shackles of ancestral patterns, conditioning, dysfunctional behaviours, trauma, abuse and any templating that is currently hiding your divine light and YOUR mission of what you are here on this planet to do right now.

I am here to help you not just experience higher frequencies but to find balance at these higher vibrations.

Ultimately, I want to live in a world where heart centred people live peacefully alongside each other building communities where everyone helps each other and lives in harmony with nature and our planet.

I have a vision of how this will look but it’s going to take some deep inner transformation for us all to shift from where we are now on our planet to how this might look in the future.

I am here to help you through your awakening using the tools that I have learnt and developed since my own rapid and intense experience began back in at the beginning of 2013.

My journey to becoming a heart-centred being began with a painful break up of a relationship with a man I thought I was going to marry.

At the time I felt devastated, heart-broken, confused, disillusioned, humiliated, crazy and in so SO much pain.

My big breakthrough came when I realised that the only person in my life that I could change or control was myself and so I focused completely on healing myself and becoming the best version of me that I could possibly be.

My relationship ending was just a catalyst to the start of my spiritual journey which led me to delve deeper into who I truly am and what I am here to do.

Because of this experience and the kundalini and heart centred awakening that followed, I am now committed to helping people going through similar experiences to shift quickly from a place of pain and hurt to one of balance and connection to your divine self.

My entire life up until this point right now has been preparation for the work I do today.

My childhood experiences, education, completing a master’s degree (in economics!!!!), life spent working in the financial world, travelling the world, living abroad, working on organic farms and more recently my kundalini and heart centre awakening experience have all given me the vital life changing tools of what works and what doesn’t when you too are going through an intense life-altering shift and awakening in your life.

When I’m not busy working with clients or writing you can find me walking in nature.

I absolutely LOVE the Ocean and at every opportunity I take myself out of the city to the sea, I’m a country girl at heart.

I love to travel and see the world and experience new cultures and countries.

I also love making potions especially herbal remedies and natural beauty products.

Are you ready to experience a huge transformational shift in your life and learn new tools that empower you to create a life that you are absolutely in love with and that is aligned to your highest service?

I invite you to book your 30-minute call with me to discover more about how I can help you to experience massive transformation and healing in your life.

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