About Claire Marie Guckian

Claire Marie GuckianMy name is Claire! I’m an Energy Alchemist who helps awakening heart centred creators at the forefront of the energetic evolutionary process delve into their shadow sides and experience HUGE transformation into brilliant beacons of bright light.

In December 2012 I experienced an awakening of the heart that changed my life path forever. 

My calling.

My awakening completely changed my life and as I went through dark nights of the soul and healed and learnt to look within, I moved from working in the corporate world to setting up my own healing business.

Over the years my business has evolved and grown as I too have healed and progressed on my own journey of awakening.

Having trained as a yoga teacher and in energy healing modalities such as Meridian Energetics and Crystalline Harmonics, Sound healing & working with alchemy crystal bowls and more recently completing Meridian Energetics Inner Child teaching, I have developed my own unique way of working with energy.

Quantum leap your personal growth

Working on yourself can feel like an overwhelming task at times.Once you start a cycle of self-development and personal growth, it can seem like things just keep coming at you over and over again.The way we react or respond to our triggers changes over time as we...

Stop Taking It Personally

When you begin an awakening process, your senses become heightened. You start to uncover gifts.You realise you feel deeply not just for yourself, but you can feel other people’s emotions too.Your newly discovered empathic gifts assist you to help other people when...

The Power Of The Mind In Awakening

Once you experience an awakening, a process begins that is irreversible. You start to wake up to the world around you and what is going on inside you. Patterns that you subconsciously previously played out everyday become noticeable to you. Templates you inherited...

The Power To Heal

Healing happens on many different levels at very different times for each person. Our struggles can develop through not knowing how to take the next steps to heal. Not knowing how to let go. to release, to disconnect from anything that has hurt us in the past. It...

Nutrition and Its Role in The Awakening Process

Soon after an awakening begins, people tend to awaken not only to spiritually and their own energy but to what is happening in their physical body and the energy of what they are putting into their bodies. Tastes change. Foods that you once loved are no longer...

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