On a few occasions, recently, people that I have met for the first time have given me a message about my life. Only one was a paid reading that I had chosen to have myself, the others were from people who I had met networking.


I do all of my energy work by feeling, it’s just how my gifts have developed and so I don’t see auras or some of the energy other people do.


As a result of that I’m always a little surprised when people see things in my aura or they have a message for me especially if I haven’t been seeking one out.


I’m open to a lot of things but after acting on one of these messages a few months ago, it made a situation in my life worse. Since then I have realised that these messages are not what they seem so I have been pondering their meaning and how they affect my actions and my life.


What I’m realising with greater clarity is that these people get messages yes, but they filter them through their belief systems and come to a conclusion about what the message means according to their beliefs. The thing is, my belief systems are not the same as theirs and mine have changed quite a few times in the last few years. I haven’t been holding onto beliefs about anything that is happening to me or what they mean. My beliefs have been falling away and I’ve created new ones as I shift in frequency. It’s a natural part of growth and evolution to create new beliefs and for them to crumble and then the cycle starts again from a new level of consciousness.


Lately I’ve been trusting my own feelings especially when the messages come through about situations in my life that I know are not correct. Or at least not in the sense that the person giving me the message thinks it is.


After being burnt a couple of times by acting on these messages I realised that the messages need to be deciphered and filtered through my intuition and what I feel. If I don’t feel good about something or I don’t believe what they are saying to be true, I have a think about it and look at the situation from my level of consciousness and what I feel is more aligned with my own unique journey.


When we take on other people’s beliefs whether they come through messages they give you or through teachings, we are putting ourselves in a situation where we are trusting someone else’s experience.


Yes, we all take on beliefs but what feels important to me now is that I make sure my beliefs are based on my own experience. Not someone else’s. That’s why when people give me these messages, I use my own intuition to understand what they are talking about and not take what they told me word for word.


People will always see something through their own filters and if that person happens to be someone that isn’t shifting and changing their beliefs experiencing growth and evolution then you can end up feeling very confused about situations in your life that you thought you had figured out.


If people are giving you messages about your life in whatever form they come in, through readings or trainings or books etc, make sure you run it through your own filters and what you believe to be true from your experience. If something doesn’t feel good to you, then investigate why. Always trust your intuition on everything that happens in your life. If you get a bad feeling, then it’s a good sign to look at the situation or message from another viewpoint and not to readily accept information that people give to you.


Their own view and judgement may be clouded by what they believe to be true and that may not necessarily match to the frequency you are aligned to and what you are experiencing. Most of these people are coming from an honest place, you just have to learn to discern how much of the  information they are giving you corresponds and relates to what is happening in your life.


Learn to discern and trust your intuition. You are being tested to see what you have learnt from your experiences. This is all part of the evolutionary process we are going through right now.




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