Have you ever found yourself in situations wondering how you managed to end up there? Thinking how did I get caught up in all this drama? You may be asking yourself questions like what am I doing getting involved in this situation that really doesn’t make me feel good or benefit me in any way at all?


I know I found myself in this position many times. Feeling confused about how I got sucked into the same situations repeatedly. Feeling awful and like I’d been made to look like a fool.


So, what was happening? People can be very subtle with they how they suck you into their drama. It may not be obvious how they did it initially but once you start to experience it a few times with a new-found awareness, you start to see exactly how it happened.


One way I notice a lot of people do this in a very subtle way, is to ask your opinion on something as if they’re interested in what you have to say. Naively you may respond with an honest open answer thinking they really are interested in what you are talking about. However, it’s from here you start to get sucked into people’s drama. They are making an energetic link with you, and an open response from you allows them to attach to you. From here they build on whatever it is they are drawing you into and then finally you get an energetic slap around the face from them and you’re left feeling confused wondering how the hell you’ve been caught up in this and made a fool of in the situation.


People that genuinely want to help others and are the natural healers and empaths will resonate with these sorts of experiences. It’s part of your nature to want to help people and so you do, until you realise you are leaking energy to people that are using it for their own interests. You are feeding energy into these people’s dysfunctions and patterns. Once you become aware of how you are getting caught up in this sort of behaviour, you start to pull back. You stop responding to people when they ask questions and you draw your energy back. You stop giving so freely of your energy to other people. You take back your power and stop giving it away to other people.


Everything in our lives must be in balance. Especially so when it comes to our energy. If we are giving more than we receive, then problems arise in many areas of our lives and especially so when it comes to money. If you are a healer that is struggling to earn money from the service’s you offer, then this is almost guaranteed to be an issue you are dealing with. Once we bring all our energy into balance, we become open to receiving more of everything in our lives. First, we must assess the relationships in our lives that are causing us to leak energy. People will notice as you pull your energy out of situations because they are used to getting a boost of energy from all the energy that you are leaking. You will notice you start to feel more balanced instead of being exhausted and tired from giving your energy to people around you and situations that do not serve you.


What relationships in your life are causing the most drama for you?


What situations are the ones that are causing the biggest emotional response for you?


Asking yourself these 2 questions will highlight the people and relationships that you should be paying attention to.


How are you leaking energy by feeding into other people’s dramas?




P.S I am offering 50% off my one to one taster sessions for the first 10 people that sign up See below for details.


Are you going through some transformational shifts at the moment?


Are you shedding another layer of your old self?


Have you been feeling like your energy is a little stagnant and you are struggling to shift through this phase?


As a result, you are feeling confused about what is happening?


We all go through phases like this where we are on the cusp of shifting up to a new frequency and we experience a period where everything feels still and a little stagnant. The same patterns rear up again and we wonder what is going on in this confusing phase of our lives.


I have experienced phases like this many times. This is usually a time when I call on other healers to work with me to shift my energy and point out the things that I haven’t been able to see very clearly on my own. When we are immersed in energy that isn’t serving us it can be difficult to see exactly why something is coming up. With the help of someone else, you can experience an increased flow of energy and balance within yourself.


A healer can help you shift the energy that is causing the stagnant feeling and help you to shift out of confusion into a new, raised frequency.


I have decided to offer 10 people a reduced rate taster session. It will be 60 minutes long, via Skype and we will work together to get your energy moving and help you to start taking steps forward again.


I know what it feels like to be stuck and confused.


I understand the stagnant feelings that nothing is changing in your life.


I have experienced the despair at going over the same issues repeatedly without ever being able to free myself of the energy.


That is why I want to offer these reduced rate sessions to anyone who is experiencing this right now.


The investment is £45 a massive 50% off my normal 1 hour sessions.


So if you are ready to:


Start taking steps forward again


Feel balance in every area of your life


and shift into a new phase of your life feeling increased energy and vitality.


Then please make payment through the below link and I will contact you to book your time.


NB – These sessions are only available to people who haven’t previously worked with me. First timers only.  


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