Almost all of us has someone in our lives that we don’t get along with. Whether it’s a family member or an ex-partner or someone you used to be friends with.  When you start to think about them your blood boils and you can feel the fire and anger flaring up inside of you. Maybe this was someone in your life who you feel unjustly treated you badly and it has left a scar, that isn’t healing.


When you have an emotional response to someone, whether it’s an exchange of words or an internal dialogue with yourself, there’s an issue there that needs closer inspection. An issue that is getting under your skin and when you feel like this about another person, it’s an indicator that there is some work to be done on your part to heal and release this energy.


Believe me, there have been plenty of people in my life that I have felt like this about. I have been pondering on this a lot over the last few days because of something that happened in my own life. It’s someone that I used to be close to and although there are many areas in my life that I have healed and let go of, this one was a stickler. It just wasn’t budging and I was still having emotional responses to this person.


That is until I realised something. What is it about this person that is upsetting me so much? How does this highlight my own insecurities and issues? What am I getting out of this emotional response that I’m having?


I had that a-ha moment when I realised exactly what I was doing. I have been holding onto this energy with this person and resisting letting go of it. I have been feeding energy into the situation through my emotional reactions. I’ll be completely honest, it wasn’t making me feel very good. It really is true that what you resist, persists.


I decided that this person and what they do is none of my business. It doesn’t affect me and I’m not going to be drawn into having emotional responses to them.


The truth is, people are not going to change if they don’t want to and when you are on a path of awakening, you see things differently to people who are not on the same path.


Nothing I do or say is going to make a difference to how this person views me, the only thing I can change is my response to them.


By letting go of the energy that has been upsetting me and leading to emotional responses, I changed something for myself. I decided to not keep dropping my own vibration to engage in these emotional responses and to just allow the energy to move on. Allow the energy to move through me and not get involved or take it on anymore.


It’s up to us what frequency we want to balance at. As you reach higher and higher levels of consciousness, you see clearly when people are trying to energetically draw you into situations of a lower frequency. You notice when people are trying to drag you into their drama. You’ll know when it happens and they’ve been successful because you will feel awful. That’s the bottom line. When you start feeling down and depressed it’s because you’re resisting something within you. It’s not in fact the other person but something inside of you that has caused your frequency to drop.


When you make a conscious decision to let go of the energy and the emotional reaction to that person like anger, rage or sadness to name just a few, you start to shift very quickly back to a higher frequency and the lower vibrational feelings start to slip away as you start to balance at a vibration that feels good.


You see, we all have a choice. To hold onto energy and issues from the past with people and make ourselves miserable or turn the focus back to ourselves and look to see how we are feeding into the situation. When we make everything about ourselves, we have the power to change anything in our lives.


It really is that simple. Take a closer look at the situations you are having an emotional response to. Figure out exactly what your role is within it. You don’t have to forgive anyone you only have to decide to let that experience and energy move out of your life. It no longer has to control you or keep you at a frequency that doesn’t feel very good.


Take your power back from other people and situations. No longer allow anyone else to control how or what you feel. Let go of that energy from the past and create a new, higher frequency now for you. 


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