Are you experiencing any of the following symptoms of a spiritual awakening?


  • BIG life changes are afoot and you feel a little (or a lot!) out of control.

  • A general sense of confusion and chaos permeates your experience – but you don’t feel like you can talk to anyone else about it.

  • Regularly wondering, “What the fuck is going on?  Why is my life falling down all around me?”

  • Having a deep sense that NOW is the time to do the inner work, transformation and healing (no matter how hard you try to fight it).

You’re not alone (and you’re definitely not going crazy!).

Claire GuckianMy name is Claire Guckian, and I’m an energy healer, medical intuitive + guide for women on the brink of a MAJOR spiritual awakening and ascension.

If you’d met me 5 years ago, you wouldn’t have recognized me.

I was a total party girl–drinking, smoking, doing drugs, in one abusive relationship after another – and totally miserable at my job. I hit “rock bottom” if you will when the guy I was living with (and thought I would marry) left me for someone else and I found myself moving home to live with my parents a few months before my 30th birthday.

The next 4-5 months were a blur of anxiety, stress, disillusionment, and feeling just about every emotion I’d been burying/running away from for years. I couldn’t sleep, wasn’t eating, lost loads of weight and barely kept it together at work.

Everyone thought I was crazy, and honestly? I kinda thought I was crazy too.

I felt like my life had ended.


One day I got on the phone with a psychic who, in no uncertain terms – said that it was time to focus on my healing and that I was actually a healer (which is something another psychic had told me many years before).

For whatever reason, I was ready to hear it this time.

Her words echoed what I deep down knew to be true and after that conversation, things began to shift.

I became fascinated by personal growth and wanted to learn everything I could.

I began to understand my own part in creating shitty relationships with men.

I stumbled across mentors, teachers and healers that helped me to transform my life.

I started to listen to my inner guidance because the strangest of synchronicities confirmed so much of my own intuitive thoughts to be true

I felt inspired to change my life. Like really change my life. So I did.

Within 18 months of the breakup, I quit my job in finance to set off on an adventure.

I went traveling across Europe and worked on organic farms, did a yoga teacher training in Thailand, and then moved to Ireland while studying to become a healer and opened up my own business helping other people through their own spiritual awakenings.

Since aligning with my soul gifts and creating a business around them, I’ve never felt more on-purpose.

I’m blown away by the transformation that happens when I work with clients 1 on 1.

I have gone from “getting by” and working 9 to 5 in a job I hated to living a life full of purpose and passion.

My work lights me up and I love helping my clients begin to understand more of what it is that lights them up in their lives.

I want to help you to do the same.

I won’t lie to you, this is not an easy path but the guidance and support you receive from me with lighten your load. It will help you to move through the process with a lot more ease than if you were attempting to go through this by yourself

Work with me for 3 months and I will help  you:

  • Reconnect with your inner sense of inspiration and possibility

  • Re-learn how to trust yourself when making decisions

  • Actively seek out your passions and purpose + figure out the next steps on your path.

  • Stop over analysing and over thinking and experience inner clarity.

  • Find balance physically, emotionally, mentally, energetically and spiritually

  • Interrupt + break repeating negative patterns and cycles in your life that keep you feeling trapped and frustrated.

  • Uncover + heal childhood trauma that is still holding you back from what you REALLY want.

  • Understand – on a deep level – why everything in your life has turned out the way it has so far – and receive the tools and support to shift into a new reality.

It’s time for your next level!

Testimonial Carys

The Process:

We will connect 9 times via Zoom video call over the course of 3 months (with text support between calls) to talk about what is going on with you and then I will do energy work on you for about 45 min.

I am a medical intuitive which means I can feel where there are blocks and issues in your body, remove them, and re-align your energy.

I will open up energy points throughout your body, balance your masculine and feminine flow of energy, open up your heart centre and clear patterns and dysfunctional behaviours within you…which will allow you to move forward in areas where you were previously stuck with startling ease.

I can feel whatever is ready to leave your energy system and remove–quickly and painlessly.

If your kundalini (the creative life-force energy present in all beings) is having trouble moving upwards, then I will restart the flow.

I will work on your Crystalline Grid (the highly sophisticated system of energy connecting you to the rest of The Universe), activate it if it’s not already switched on, and prepare your energy field to move through ascension as effortlessly/quickly as you need to.  I will also activate dormant DNA and connect any lightcodes that are ready to come into your crystalline grid.

After your session we’ll debrief your experience, how you felt, what I found and what I feel it relates to.

I’ll give you the opportunity to get in touch with me whenever you need to (while a lot of energy moves during the actual session, you will be integrating and continuing to experience powerful shifts during the time periods between sessions.

In my experience, clients who keep in touch with me between sessions shift the quickest. I will support you through the releasing process, clear any confusion and help you move blocked energy swiftly. I’ll work specifically to your unique needs so that you feel safe, nurtured and supported to do the deep inner work you need to do.

In between our sessions I’ll teach you to meditate from your heart chakra, do inner child work, connect to your higher self, and clear and balance your own energy.

My aim is to give you all the tools that allow you find balance every day, even long after we’ve stopped working together.

Being in my energy for 3 months is what helps people to make the transformation super fast, you stay in constant contact with me and this helps you to shift really quickly.

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So why choose me?

I have been going through this process for 5 years consciously and almost 10 years as I look back at my experiences.

I’ve moved and shifted in consciousness extremely quickly and I want to help you to do the same.

The energy work that I do is the most powerful and evolved available on this planet right now.

I work on a multi-dimensional level so we will not only clear your energy in this dimension, but also in any others where you may be experiencing difficulty and it is bleeding through to this timeline.

I’ll take you to higher frequencies where you will feel connected to and remember more of your divine self, helping you release whatever you need to shift in vibration quickly

I’ll help you to shift into a timeline where you are happier, higher vibration, connected to your life purpose and talents and creating more of the reality that you want to create.

Meridian Energetics and Crystalline Harmonics are 2 healing modalities at the forefront of the ascension process. I am one of less than 50 people certified in Meridian Energetics and less than 30 certified in Crystalline Harmonics.

The work is so powerful, it is getting your energy system ready for ascension and to move through the process with ease on many levels, dimensions and timelines.

What it includes:

  • 9 1 on 1 sessions with me (combination of energy healing, coaching, counselling mediation – whatever you most need at the time).

  • Unlimited access to me via email, whatsapp, or messenger for the duration of the program

  • Bonus meditation bundle (valued at £99)

  • The information and support uniquely packaged for you to shift FAST and unlock all the possibilities that are just waiting to come into your reality.

Investment: £1400 pay in full or 3 monthly payments of £500

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This program is not for:

  • People who don’t want to do daily inner work on themselves. If you’re not prepared to do the work, this isn’t the package for you and trust me, I can tell if you’re not doing it.
  • People who are not prepared to invest in themselves or don’t see the value of investing in themselves at this level. Check the pricing and make sure you are happy to commit to the payment before booking your call with me.

If you feel like a bit of a mess right now and are having trouble believing this will work for you (even though you really want to)…I get it.

I deeply get it.

For many years, on the outside I looked like THE most dysfunctional person. I drank a lot, smoked, took drugs recreationally, partied hard, displayed abusive patterns and behaviours, my job was going nowhere and I couldn’t make my relationships work.  Trust me, If I can turn my life around, you can do it too.

People from my past often  tell me I’m the person that they thought would be the least likely to do spiritual work.

They can’t quite believe just how different my life is and how different I AM!

You may feel like you’re a hopeless case and there’s nothing you can do to change. You may wish that your awakening had never begun because of the amount of issues now coming up in your life. But I don’t believe any of that.  Your awakening happens for a reason, because YOU are meant for something more: you’re meant to help other people.

You can change anything in your life if you really want to. You just have to want it more than anything else. You have to really keep pushing yourself to make the changes and before you know it, momentum builds, and your life looks way different (and much better) and you didn’t even see it happen!

I KNOW – deep in the core of my being – that anyone can change if they really want to, but you have to want to do the work and BELIEVE that it is possible!

And I also KNOW that this work happens way faster and with far greater ease when we don’t try to “go it alone.”

At first I tried to do this inner work all by myself, and thought I was doing OK, but I had NO IDEA what was possible.

When I began to hire coaches and healers I experienced FAST and DRAMATIC shifts and was blown away by what’s possible with support.

It would be my deep honor to give that level of support to you.

So I invite you to take a moment to imagine what’s possible for you if you were to embark on this journey of inner transformation with me…

Imagine what it would feel like to be free of any emotions or experiences that have caused you pain in the past.

Imagine how it would feel to be living your best life as the best version of yourself.

To be fully connected to both your heart center(Source creative energy) and Kundalini creative/sexual energy within you that-once activated-is completely unstoppable?

It feels powerful doesn’t it?

It’s time.  Let’s do this:

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