Awakening: What are we all so afraid of that we hide so much of our true selves away?

If you are someone who is going through an awakening then I’m sure, like me, you have some interesting stories and experiences to share about how it all unfolded but yet so few of us communicate it to other people, maybe only with our closest friend(s).

Definitely not in writing.

Definitely not on video.


But what is it that we’re afraid of? Are we afraid of being rejected? Humiliated? Ridiculed? Laughed at? Talked about?

I know for me, it’s been a combination of all of these things. I have felt the burn in my cheeks when people, sometimes who I have never met before, let something slip that shows me what I am doing has been a topic of conversation for them. And I’ve been thinking about this a lot over the last few weeks.

A couple of things happened recently, one of them was where I had someone congratulate me on finding something mainstream to expand my business into (yoga/sound baths) while also telling me that a lot of what I write and do in my one to one work, is really out there.

Woo Woo.

Not reaching the masses. Way beyond the comprehension of this particular person at least. And I actually took this person’s opinion on board for a while. I got straight into my head and starting thinking, this person is right, yes maybe I am too much for most people.

Too out there.

I should probably try and hide that part of myself more and dumb it down to suit the masses. Just keep it simple with what you want to express and keep most of the woo out of it. And then of course something else happened to completely contradict the belief of that person and my own belief about myself, that I’m too much for people.

A past client got in touch to tell me how much they missed being able to chat to me about all of the out there, woo woo, multidimensional stuff that I had so openly shared with them throughout their sessions with me. They got in touch to tell me how much their life had changed in the months since we worked together.

To tell me how powerful the work is that I do.

And it made me realize, that there will always be people that think I’m too much. There will always be people who don’t understand me. People who, if I’m honest, are not the type of person that I can work with and help experience transformative life changing shifts. And then there will always be the people, who just get me. They see a picture of me or a post I’ve written and instinctively know they need to work with me. The ones whose sessions I happily extend because an hour isn’t enough to talk about everything they want to while giving them time to ask all of the questions. The people who are open to changing their lives and even if they don’t fully understand what I’m talking about at first, it resonates because deep down within themselves they KNOW it to be true.

And it got me thinking.

About all of the information that I don’t freely express. How I dumb myself down TO SUIT OTHER PEOPLE.  To suit people who will always find something to criticize! Whether they say it to your face or behind your back. And we all have so much wisdom to share. People who need to hear what you’ve been through. How you moved through difficult times. How you healed and expanded your consciousness. Because its not a quick fix solution to any of this.

It’s a process.

And no matter how many times I have tried to “speed” up the process by avoiding doing some of the work, I still get brought back to experience what I came here to experience.

No avoidance.

No running.

No hiding.

And I’ve decided that I don’t care what anyone else thinks about me anymore. I’m expressing myself in a way that feels aligned for me in any given moment.

And that’s my soul work. My mission.

Are you ready to stop hiding?

To start expressing more of your wisdom to the people who need to hear it?

Get in touch via email to see how sessions with me can help you to start expressing more of your true self. Or visit me on social media via this page: Contact Me

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