Are you an awakening woman?

Have shifts in your life left you feeling isolated and alone?

Are you searching for a group of women who will help to nurture and empower you to make the changes in your life that you so desperately want to make?

Are you ready to awaken, develop and learn to fully trust your intuition?

Would you like to uncover more of your gifts and abilities with a group of women who are all ready to support, encourage and inspire you every step of the way?

Those of us who are on a path of awakening know that this can sometimes be THE loneliest journey. Everything as we know it changes and shifts leaving our lives unrecognisable to us and feeling there is not even one person on the planet who understands what is happening to us!


Having the support of someone who understands what you are going through can be the best tonic available to us on this path. Being surrounded and immersed in a group energy with a common goal to help and nurture each other to heal, develop and unearth each person’s hidden talents and abilities is so incredibly POWERFUL.

I have been inspired to create this circle to help women just like you who so desperately need support and guidance but maybe can’t afford to work one to one with a healer/coach/counsellor on a regular basis.

Infrequent support and feelings of having to do everything on your own can slow the process down, keeping you stuck without being able to move forward, shift and transform your life.

So that is why I am SO excited to create this group for all of you evolving women that lack support in your life right now!

Close your eyes for a minute and just imagine what it would feel like to have a group of people who:

  • Understood everything you are going through on this sometimes difficult evolutionary path.
  • Listen to YOU and hear what you have to say in a nurturing, supported, safe space.
  • Help you to uncover and heal things you currently cannot see that are blocking your way
  • Teach you the skills necessary to navigate your awakening so that you feel empowered and balanced EVERYDAY.

It’s a pretty incredible feeling, isn’t it?

So, here’s what I’ve created just for you!!!

A BRAND NEW ONLINE group programme for all of you evolving women who are truly ready to step into your power, uncover your abilities and create a life that you LOVE to live.


Here’s how it will work!

  • 2 LIVE group calls on Zoom video conferencing each month.

One will be group coaching and the other a LIVE group meditation (No experience necessary! Don’t worry if you struggle with meditation, I will teach you how to meditate from your heart in a powerful, supported way.)

  • 6 x 60 minute one to one session with me where we will speed up your clearing process through energy work, counselling, coaching, activations, vocal healing or a combination of all of these amazing things!!! ( one a month)
  • A private Facebook group, only for women in this circle, where you will have access to me for questions/support/advice every day of the week!

Can you feel how incredibly powerful this group is going to be?

Yes? ME TOO!!!

I’m so excited to meet each and every one of you incredible evolving women!

Investment: Pay in full option of £897 or 6 monthly instalments of £165

There are only 10 spaces available so that each one of you can get the support you need over the next 6 months! Once the 10 spaces are filled, I will not be reopening this group again for another 6 months!

If you are feeling the call to join me and the other evolving women in this group, pop your details in the boxes below to join the waiting list

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