Within each of us, there are 2 flows of energy.

On one side of your body, a masculine flow and on the other a feminine.

For our energy to flow in the most optimal way, both sides have to be open and balanced.

The flow of energy on one side of our body has to match and flow equally with the other side of our body.

Your masculine energy has to be balanced with your feminine energy.

If either is blocked or out of balance, we start to manifest mental, emotional and physical symptoms.

The flow of masculine/feminine energy when balanced and flowing in unison is when we find relative balance in our lives.

In every area of our life.

When we are predominantly in our masculine energy we force, push and are aggressive in what we are trying to create and manifest.

We are not allowing the feminine energies of trust and allowing ourselves to receive to balance with our energy to take action.

When we are too in our feminine, we are not doing anything.

Leaning back and waiting without ever pushing ourselves to create anything.

The point we need to reach is where we can trust that the universe is supporting us.

From this space we allow ourselves to receive and be in flow by trusting our intuition.

But at the same time also allowing the masculine energy within us to balance us so that we take action and create what we feel inspired to.

So many of us, are more in our masculine energy because of how society conditions us.

Masculine energy dominates the feminine energy.

One example of this is In business.

In the world of business it is a predominantly a man’s world where everyone is being pushed to compete with each other and achieve and get results as fast as possible.

In the corporate world there is no time for feminine flow.

As a woman its all about keeping up with our masculine counterparts to prove that as women we are worthy of our jobs, our positions, our salaries.

Typically, we are so conditioned to be in our masculine energy that trusting our feminine energy can take some work.

Some reprogramming.

Reconditioning of ourselves.

Rebalancing of our energy to keep ourselves in flow.

With the awakening and great shift that is taking place on our planet right now, it is essential to be balanced in your masculine and feminine energetic flow.

As you awaken more and more you become more and more conscious of when you are not in balance and when you are not in flow because you start to present symptoms of where your energy isn’t flowing in the most efficient way.

With every issue you work through, you uncover deeper insight into who you are and who you have been conditioned to be.

As you peel back the layers of programmes you start to see where you have been out of balance energetically.

Why you have been manifesting symptoms, issues and illnesses.

Why your life has been working out the way it has

Why you have been feeling the way you have

And your awakening is forcing you to deal with it all by shining a light on the darkest parts of ourselves and bringing them into the light.

Accepting them as part of ourselves.

Realising that our dark parts aren’t that scary, we’ve just been conditioned to be fearful and afraid of ourselves.

Our awakening pushes us to look at all of the parts of ourselves, dark and light and find balance within them.

Just as the masculine and feminine energy within us has to be looked at and brought into balance.

Everything requires balance.

From all of us.

There is no avoiding it.

The more you ignore something the more the physical, emotional and mental symptoms will drive you into a place where it gets harder and harder to ignore what is coming up for you.

Once you go through a cycle of this once, you realise its not that scary.

You’re not a bad person.

We are all working through challenges and the faster we learn to go inward and look at ourselves, the faster we can resolve them and make a shift forward once more.

It is only our refusal to go inward that keeps us locked into pain cycles of hurt and suffering.

When we make a decision to change ourselves focusing only on changing ourselves, and not on changing all the people around us, we start to see great change within us and it ripples out around us as our energy changes.

As our energy comes into balance.

And when we cycle through the next level of expanding our consciousness and we feel that our energy is once again out of balance, we know where to start to bring everything back into alignment once more.

It all starts with you.

Within you.

Change what is within you and everything you create and manifest changes with you.

Find your balance.

Find your flow.

Become aware of your masculine and feminine energies.

The focus of the energy work that I do with people is balancing the masculine and feminine flow of energy within them.

I help people to feel what it feels like to be in balance.

I help clear a path within them so that they have an experience of what their energy truly feels like when it is clear and in balance.

Sometimes it takes a few sessions because old programmes have been running for so long it takes some time to get used to a new energetic flow within us.

This truly depends on the person and how willing and committed they are to changing themselves and looking inward.

Learning the tools to clear and balance your energy is the next step forward to keeping yourself in balance, your energy open and clear.

It takes some work.

It is part of our process.

Our evolutionary process.

Our journey of ascension and enlightenment.

For some it is our life work.

So the faster you get the help you need, develop the necessary tools to understand your energy better and learn how to shift as fast and quickly as you can, the easier this path of awakening becomes.

The faster you move through issues.

The faster you recognise issues within yourself.

The faster you can shift your energy, clear it and expand your consciousness.

The faster you manifest your dreams and desires.

Contact me claire@clairemarieguckian.com if you are ready to really do your inner work and make huge transformative shifts to discuss my packages and what I’m offering.

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