We live in a world where everyone treats their symptoms and rarely get to the root of an issue quite simply because people don’t believe it’s possible to change anything permanently.


Even with all the changes on our planet energetically, people are still trying to use old ways to treat symptoms of problems without believing that there are new options available to us.


When you start to work directly with the root of problems and move them out of your energy bodies, layers upon layers of energy start to release. Some of the really deep issues and the ones you have picked up very early in life can be the slowest to reveal themselves.


It’s always easier to work on any other stuff that comes up and deal with that first than work with the deep-rooted energy. It’s always there, playing itself out but when you’re focused on clearing everything else out, it can take a few years of healing to uncover exactly what it is. Or another way of looking at it is that it’s easier to avoid having to deal with it while there is so much other stuff playing out and coming up to be released.


This is exactly how it has been playing out for me and what I have experienced personally.


The biggest issues in my life over the last 2 years are the ones that I’m finally dealing with right now. I haven’t consciously been avoiding dealing with the issues, they have been glaringly obvious in my life. Only that I wasn’t able to clearly see what the root of the problem was until I cleared back everything else in the way first.


Everything in my life over the last few months has come to a point now where there is no avoiding this issue and it’s demanding my attention to work through it and release the energetic imprint out of my etheric body. It’s a behaviour and an energy I have been carrying with me from a really young age, like I think around 3 or 4.


Don’t underestimate the power of your experiences as a child and the effect they have in what you are creating in your life today. There is always a link back to what you believed to be true from an early age and what you are creating right now.


Dealing with the symptoms will work for a while but eventually you will be forced to go a little deeper and get to the root of an issue. Trace it back to where it started from and work to release that energy so you no longer have to deal with the same issues over and over again in your life.


You have to be willing to search deeper within yourself to uncover these issues. I have been aware of this issue I am working through for a long time but its only recently that I clearly see how it has impacted my life and what I am creating. I’m at a level of consciousness now that I can work through this issue without fear or worrying about what the future holds. I’m finally ready to deal with this issue whereas in the past I hadn’t developed my personality and matured myself enough to be able to work through it.


Dealing with the root of your issues means you don’t have to manage the symptoms all the time. It frees up your energy as you resolve each issue to work through the next until you’ve peeled back many layers of your energy to reveal more and more of your true self. It doesn’t happen overnight but once you start to work through issues and get to the root of them, you make a shift in frequency. You realise pretty quickly that you are making progress and you start to build confidence that you can work through anything that comes up for you.  As you grow and develop your personality  you now have the tools with which to work through anything in your life. You arrive at a point where you have reached spiritual maturity.


New energy healing modalities are available right now that allow people to help you to get to the root on an issue and remove the energetic imprints from your etheric body. These are the lasting solutions people are looking for. Sending energy to people is the equivalent to putting a plaster on your problems, eventually it will unstick and come off. I work with new healing modalities that get to the root of your issues, they make lasting changes by working directly with your energy bodies to help you to heal at the deepest levels.


If you are interested in experiencing the powerful energy work that I do, I work from the Light Centre in Moorgate, London for In Person sessions and I also offer online sessions via Skype. I am currently running a special taster session offer for Skype sessions at over 50% off normal prices at £45. Contact me for more information or to book your place.







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