‘I wish my awakening had never begun….I wish I could just go back to how life was before any of this ever happened’

When our awakening first begins we can experience a period of bliss, a period of feeling like the world is amazing and like we are seeing it for the first time through new eyes.

As with any high, there inevitably comes a low.

When our energy field is not able to operate at a high frequency for an extended period of time we drop in frequency.

So, we enter a low period, a dark night of the soul where we are purging and releasing all the energy that stops us from maintaining a high frequency more of the time.

We have to go to the vibration of the energy we are releasing which is why we feel so low.

Its lower vibrational energy that we are releasing and healing and once we clear it, our energy levels balance at a new higher frequency which becomes our new normal level.

And then this cycle repeats.

Again and again and again.

Each time you reach a new peak of high frequencies, the work begins to clear and purge the next layer of energy that is ready to be healed and released from your field.

It can feel relentless.

It can feel like you have no control over your life.

It is extremely painful at times.

You go to places within you that you never wanted to shine a light on and are forced to deal with those energies.

You become strong, really strong.

You discover a depth and powerful force within you that you never knew existed.

Each cycle of purging and clearing brings you closer to your core.

The true you.

The purest version of you before you were imprinted with programming, conditioning and all of the things that happened to you that taught you to conform and suppress that pure, powerful light within you.

If you are experiencing an awakening that has turned your world upside down then know it is because you chose to be here.

You decided to come and experience this right now.

You were chosen to help and assist in clearing and healing the energies of our planet because you have a skill set on a soul level that can do this work.

This is your soul mission.

Your calling.

Clearing these energies and healing yourself is HUGE work for our planet right now.

Your healing isn’t just for you, its clearing thousands of years of hurts, traumas and suffering from your soul group and bloodlines.

Its not for the faint hearted.

Its not for the weak.

So know that if you feel like you want to give up, you are only experiencing this because you have the courage and strength within you to move through this.

To shift and transform.

Everyone on the planet will eventually experience this if they are going to stay here.

We are just at the beginning.

It can feel lonely and isolating.

The truth is you’re not alone, you’re never alone.

Don’t isolate yourself.

Find the people who are a little further along the path of awakening that can help you.

Work with them.

Pay them.

Respect their journey and the knowledge and wisdom they are giving you.

Our gifts and talents only become stronger when we are doing the deep work within us.

Make your healing your priority.

Face into your shadow and bring it into the light.

Its not so scary there.

When I hear people tell me they wish they could put the lid back on their awakening, I remind them of why they’re here and the beauty they are here to bring to the world.

You are needed.

We need you.

Don’t give up, you will turn a corner.

You will heal.

You will figure all of this out.

You are a powerful co-creator.

You just needed to be reminded of your power and beauty.

Love Claire

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