Have you ever seen a fully grown adult behaving like a 3-year having a tantrum?

Maybe you can reflect on times when you have behaved in this way.

When you see this part of someone expressing themselves, you are witnessing their inner child coming out to play.

All of us have a consciousness within us that is our inner child.


It’s a part of us that stops developing depending on what we experienced in our early, formative years.

For some people, their inner child is traumatised, abused, shy, bashful, upset or a combination of all of these things.

And when we have a part of us that is stuck as a young child, we are unable to reach emotional or spiritual maturity.

At least not until we work with this aspect of ourselves.

This is an often-overlooked part of the ascension process and anyone who is moving to higher levels of consciousness cannot do so without first maturing their inner child.

It doesn’t sound like the most glamourous of spiritual work but there is no doubt that it is critical to your own development and being able to move and balance at higher frequencies.

If you are struggling with an area of your life, you can almost guarantee that the child within you is throwing some sort of tantrum that is stopping you from moving past or through what you would like to.

Here’s the thing:


I deeply understand.

I have been through this myself.

I had a very wounded inner child.


I didn’t realise just how wounded until I started working with her to give her the nurturing, support and love that she didn’t receive at critical times in my childhood. It was only after I completed the work that I was able to see how I had made a HUGE shift. So much so that my personality changed.

I was calmer. 

Less emotionally reactive.

Less intense.

Able to express myself with more ease.


Anytime I have run into issues in my life, I have always found the source to be my inner child getting in the way.


By loving her, nurturing her and supporting her I have helped her to mature so that she no longer controls my behaviour and reactions to situations or people.


I want to help you to experience this shift too.


Here’s what’s involved:

  • 5 x Bi-Weekly 60 minute online sessions with me via Zoom video conferencing where I will work with you to mature your inner child.

  • I will support you in between sessions with email support so that you can move through anything that is coming up with ease.

  • I will help you to work with your inner child on a quantum level and to parent him or her in the way that they should have been parented when you were young.

With love, support, affection, fun.

As you continue your ascension process, your higher self will descend into your physical body. And it is necessary that your inner child has matured enough to move from your solar plexus up to your heart centre. You simply won’t be able to keep progressing in your ascension process until you work with your inner child to heal and let go of anything from the past that is currently stopping you from reaching spiritual and emotional maturity. And believe me your inner child will really make you miserable if you don’t open up to this work and help him/her to mature.

It is vital spiritual work.

I can’t stress the importance of it enough.

And it’s fun!

You will find that you love to play with your inner child and help them mature!

You will find that you start to love to play and have fun more yourself in everyday life!

So, if you’re ready to get started and really make a shift in your life, let’s get started!!!

Investment is £497


Who this is not for:

  • Anyone who is not READY to commit to this work.
  • Anyone who is not willing to work on this EVERY SINGLE DAY. If you don’t do the work, you won’t see the results. It’s that simple.


I can’t express to you how much this work changed my life. Over a short space of time I experienced the biggest shift EVER. I moved out of feeling miserable and unhappy ALL of the time and became free to express more of my true self. With continued work since then, my inner child is happy and content and no longer running the show. I have fun and enjoy my life. Something I struggled with up until that point.


I want to help you to experience the same shift.

Let me help you to mature your inner child and create space for you to make the shifts that you need to manifest your desires.

Lets do this!


This package is application only and you will need to have a video call with me first before making payment.

Schedule your time here:

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