Someone wrote something last week on a post that I wrote selling one of my packages that has got me thinking.


The said how what I was offering was a luxury and that they couldn’t afford to spend money on themselves.


I think this is really interesting and its given me insight into how many people feel about spending money on services or products that are just specifically for them.


Why do people resist spending money on themselves? I feel like people are not seeing the benefit of investing in themselves to change their lives in a positive way.


People don’t just say this about healing work, it’s also about things like buying organic food. People say they can’t afford it and clearly, they do not see the value in what these things bring to your life.


I value organic food. I value healing work. I value coaching. I value anyone that helps me to move my life forward in a positive way.


If the people who can’t afford to spend money on themselves were not buying material things for themselves or going out socialising drinking alcohol or smoking or basically buying anything that doesn’t do anything to change your life, some of these things are detrimental to your health, then I would say fair enough.


However, what I see is a contradiction because people DO buy things for themselves, they just are buying things that are not going to change their life.


I used to do this too. I loved buying clothes and shoes. I smoked. I drank alcohol and went out socialising a lot. I spent all of my money on things that weren’t adding any value to my life. None of the things I was spending my money on were doing anything to change my life. It reached a point where I understood that all these things were making me feel a lot worse.


When I started to awaken, I instinctively knew I needed help. I tried a therapist at first. I bought readings. I had healing sessions. I trained in 3 different energy healing modalities. Only 2 of which I use today. I trained as a yoga teacher. I went to workshops. I hired a business coach. I bought courses about setting up a business. I bought supplements, vitamins and herbs to improve my health. I eat organic food. I travelled and volunteered to learn new skills about growing fruit and vegetables. Basically, over the last 3 years I have spent all of my money on myself. A quick guestimate of what I have spent on this stuff Is in the region of £25,000. It could in fact be a lot more money than that, that’s just a quick total of all the big stuff.


Do I regret any of it? Ok, some of the readings I bought weren’t good, some of the healing also wasn’t very good. Sure, I made some mistakes but along the way I found the people that were helpful and did make a huge difference in my life. Had I not invested in myself I would be 3-4 years behind where I am now at in my own development. I have no doubt that I would not have moved through the different stages of my evolution so fast without the expertise of the people who went through it before me.


Investing in yourself is not a luxury. Without it, you’re not fully committed to healing yourself or changing your life. You don’t have to spend a fortune to do it either. The people that helped me the most were actually some of the cheapest for the one to one work I did with them. The ones that were the most expensive were the people still trapped in their own dysfunctions, convincing their students that they are on the road to enlightenment.


The price people pay to work with me is between £75-£100 for a single session. I’ve been told I’m expensive. The truth is, that after 3 or 4 sessions with me, people usually experience massive shifts. Then they only need occasional top up sessions. Investing £1000 in yourself to experience huge transformation is worth every penny in my opinion. If I had to go through it all again and spend the money I have, I’d do it every time because you know, you can’t put a price on your own happiness. I would never want to go back to the person I was just 3 years ago, because I was suffering and I didn’t understand why. If you are not happy with how you feel about your life, then make yourself the priority. Spend your money on yourself. Work on yourself and find people that won’t make you dependent on them but the ones who will help you to find and maintain balance in your life every day.


Investing in yourself is not a luxury, it’s a necessity.





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