Soon after an awakening begins, people tend to awaken not only to spiritually and their own energy but to what is happening in their physical body and the energy of what they are putting into their bodies.

Tastes change.
Foods that you once loved are no longer tolerated.

Sensitivities to certain foods appear.

You start to look at where your food is coming from and how it is produced.

You trial different diets and notice the effects they have on your body and how you feel.

You begin a process of wanting to detox the physical body and the cells.

While its great to work on your self development and raising your vibration. This can only truly happen when we experience it on every level right down to the physical body and the cells within it.

When we awaken we are clearing on an energetic, emotional, mental, spiritual and physical level. While the work has to be done energetically, the physical body requires its own cleansing too.

Since my awakening began in 2013 I have tried every diet going. I was vegetarian, vegan, raw vegan, I juiced I tried keto and went back to eating meat and dairy and the I quit it all again and was vegan again before coming into a more balanced awareness of what my body needs.

Sometimes that is meat especially if I can going through a huge clearing energetically.

Sometimes juices are enough to sustain me and keep my energy high.

Over a year ago I started using a nutritional system that consists of superfood smoothies, herbal adaptogens and tonics to support intermittent fasting.

Over the years I have learnt a lot about nutrition and what is in our food.

I have worked on organic farms and learnt about what goes into food production. Organic and non organic.

I make choices around what feels best for me.

I choose to eat organic food grown on local farms. I choose to supplement that fruit and veg with a nutritional system that allows me to increase my nutritional intake in a way that makes me feel good.

One of our adaptogenic products is filtered through quartz crystal and being a crystal lover I get so excited when I think about this and the evolutionary thought process behind the formulator of this system.

Everything I have researched over the years is contained within this system and arrives in a box to my door each month.

For me, it works and I couldn’t imagine a day without putting these incredible products into my body.

I feel that they support the evolutionary process people are going through perfectly.

It has been a trial and error journey over the last 7 years to find something that works for me.

At the right time, this system showed up in my life. It was exactly what I needed and I was open and ready to trial it.

It allows my cells to release toxins.

It makes my cells work more efficiently.

It gives me more energy every day.

It grounds me.

It helps me calm my nervous system which for someone living in a big city like London, is a game changer.

It helps me to shift my vibration up and stay balanced at higher frequencies.

In a world where so many are sick due to poor nutrition, it allows me to have better health.

It’s safe to say, I am excited about these products and what they can offer people.

Tomorrow I go to my first festival showcasing these products.

I’m excited to share them with the people who need them.

If you are one of these people, send me an email and let’s see if these products may be a positive addition to your life right now and assist you on your journey of awakening.

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