Working on yourself can feel like an overwhelming task at times.

Once you start a cycle of self-development and personal growth, it can seem like things just keep coming at you over and over again.

The way we react or respond to our triggers changes over time as we shift in our conscious awareness of our behaviours.

It becomes easier to see where our triggers are playing out as we continually evolve and grow our consciousness.

A lot of the changes are very subtle, sometimes just noticing that a situation in the past that may have triggered you, no longer does.

Being able to look back over your past behaviour and noticing that your new response is no longer powered by emotions within you.

The emotional connection to the situations is no longer there, in other words it is healed and now resolved within you.

Getting to this space takes time, patience is required with yourself.

Learning techniques to help yourself move through these stages of conscious parenting of yourself is, in my opinion, essential.

Over the last 8 years I have tried many techniques, energy healing, sound healing, meditation, mindset work, coaching, therapy, readings etc etc

Everything was right at the time for my consciousness at that time.

But there was a defining point 5 years ago when I started to shift quickly over a short space of time.

It allowed me to shift out of 3D consciousness and start to anchor in higher vibrations more of the time.

The stress and overwhelm and intensity of my emotions began to lighten, ease and resolve.

Since then I have used this technique to help me keep expanding my consciousness and keep evolving myself.

And now I have begun to teach others these same techniques to help them in their journey of awakening and self-development.

I have 5 spaces available to begin this work with me to quantum leap your personal growth and development.

This is one to one work via online video conferencing.

If you are feeling stuck and are looking to deepen your connection to self, then this might be the right time to begin this work with me.

I am taking applications now so if you would like to learn more about this course, what it entails and if it is the right fit for you, email me to arrange a time to talk.

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