You know that feeling when you meet someone new, your eyes lock and deep down you recognise them?

You don’t always consciously know immediately that something is happening between you, but you feel drawn to this person. Over time you start to understand that there is something deeper taking place.

A connection.

From one soul to another.

This person activates something in you that you maybe didn’t know existed up until that point. 

A feeling.

A knowing.

An understanding that we, as humans, can feel something so much more than we have been programmed to believe.

Gender doesn’t matter.

It can be girl to girl.

Boy to boy.

Girl to boy.

These connections are energetic exchanges from one person to another. They are divinely guided by our higher selves. They happen for a reason. But not always for the reason that we think.

Especially when we have a soul connection with someone of the opposite sex or with someone that matches our sexual preferences. This is when we start to bring in all of our beliefs around love and relationships. This is when it gets messy.

Our frequencies start to drop

We start telling ourselves that because we have this incredible connection that we need to have some sort of romantic, sexual relationship with this person.

But quite often, one or both parties are in relationships or married. It causes confusion.







And because of our outdated beliefs around love, sex and relationships, we are unable to see the true purpose of these connections.

They are exchanges of energy. Energetic exchanges to help you to grow.

To evolve.


Energetic exchanges that provide you with new information that can help you to shift and grow through any issues you are working through.

Love isn’t the high frequency that everyone believes it to be.

The frequency of love is polluted with everyone’s beliefs about how we think we should interact with others.

How we believe our relationships should be.

How we think sex should be.

So when you feel the frequency of a soul to soul connection.

It can rock your world to the core.

Especially if you don’t know what you are experiencing.

And immediately start thinking it is love.

When what you are actually feeling is something more powerful. Some might label it unconditional love. 

You are experiencing the energy of your creator:

Source energy

God energy

Its powerful. Its transformative. 

It can leave people reeling and in a headspin about what is taking place. It makes no sense. How can I have this connection with someone if we can’t be together?

But it happens in this way for a reason:

So that you can grow.



Activate to a new frequency.

And more importantly throw your old outdated beliefs about relationships and love out the window. And open up to a new way of living. A new way of existing. A new way of connecting with the people around you.

Nothing about the connection signals a relationship should be or is on the way. It does signal that you and this person have been brought together for a very specific reason. It does signal that you have information to exchange with each other. Energies to exchange that will in some way help both of you on your path of awakening. Exchanges and connections that are a pure frequency.

Source creative energy.

From one awakened heart to another.

You start to understand how much people can achieve when connecting in this way, by allowing the energy to flow and exchange between them. Without letting their beliefs get in the way of the energy. Letting it flow.



This is the new way. Imagine a world where all of our connections and relationships were of this pure source creator energy. 

What we could achieve.

What we could create.

If only we could drop our beliefs about how we THINK we should be having relionships. And shift and open up to the possiblitiy that there is something so much more to be experienced than what we believe and feel love should be like. If you are hung up on someone that you have had a connection with currently or in the past, its time to start seeing the connection through new eyes. Its time to open up to what that person’s real purpose in your life was. Its time to see the gift that your higher self was trying to give you:

An opportunity.

To rapidly experience growth

To clear so much of your programming and conditioning away.

And heal.

Learning to live at this new frequency more of the time.

And have these connections with so maqny more people in your life. Truly understanding the purpose of why these people come into your life. And not getting caught up in beliefs of a vibration that don’t match the frequency of these new connections. 

So the next time you have one of these powerful soul connections, remember that first and foremost this is your higher selves way of helping you to experience growth. That this person is showing you something about YOU. They are there to help you to see YOURSELF in a new way

Helping you to heal

And change your beliefs about what you are capable of.

If you choose to see the connection this way. The possibilities are endless

Need some help navigating a soul connection that’s turned your life upside down?

Email me and find out how I can assist you to learn how to understand what is happening in your unique situation and how you can start to find balance at a new higher vibration.

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