When you begin an awakening process, your senses become heightened.

You start to uncover gifts.

You realise you feel deeply not just for yourself, but you can feel other people’s emotions too.

Your newly discovered empathic gifts assist you to help other people when they begin an awakening process or when faced with difficulties along the way.

The more your energy field awakens, and your consciousness expands, so too do your empathic abilities.

As you heal and work with your inner child, your sensitivity increases.

It increases so much that you may reach a point where you start to take on everyone else’s energy as your own without realising that you’re doing it.

And you start taking everything personally.

We go through cycles of awakening.

Shifts and revisiting old programming and beliefs as we spiral into higher and higher levels of consciousness.

But also working through these issues in new ways as our shadow work also continues and requires more and more discipline.

It’s easy to feel like once you’ve awakened and worked on yourself for a couple of years that you’re through the worst of it.

As you become stronger in yourself energetically, what comes up for you requires you to see your situations through new eyes and your newly expanded consciousness.

There is always more growth in a situation, there is always something you didn’t see before.

The road of awakening is not straight up, there are ups and downs all the time.

It can seem as you overcome one obstacle something else pops up to be looked at again.

It’s easy to allow yourself to take on everyone else’s energy.

It’s easy to feel judged.

Or misunderstood.

Especially if you are not disciplined in clearing your own energy field.

It’s easy to be triggered by other people’s behaviour towards you and things that they say.

But not everyone sees the world through your eyes.

People are at different levels of consciousness and how someone else sees the world and everyone in it, is not how you experience it.

All of these experiences and processes teach us to take our power back.

Take your energy out of other peoples fields.

Stop taking things personally and focus on YOU.

People are only ever projecting their thoughts onto you.

You don’t have to believe them or take them on as your own.

This is easier said than done for sensitives who so often lack self-worth and self-love.

If that inner critic in your head starts telling you that you should believe what other people say, just remember that everyone else is struggling with their inner battles.

Step out of the emotions you are feeling.

Become the observer of the situation and look at what is happening from both sides.

Ask yourself is this really how I feel? Or is this the other persons stuff being projected onto me?

When you can do this in a situation, it strengthens your inner reality.

It empowers you.

You always have power in a situation to change it.

Be kind to yourself. This work is not easy.

Ask yourself if you are giving something energy that is draining you?

Or are you standing in your power and keeping your energy strong?

Ascension is not a race to the top.

It’s a marathon of learning and relearning, releasing and letting go over and over again.

We are learning to become masters of our inner world.

Remember that the next time you react to someone else’s opinion and stop taking it personally.

Claire <3

P.S. If you require assistance in your awakening and ascension process and any issues you are currently facing, please email me claire@clairemarieguckian.com so we can discuss the best way I may be able to help you.

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