The awakening that is taking place on our planet right now is starting to pick up speed.

More and more people are going through situations and experiences that are causing them to wake up.

Some have been going through this for a number of years so that they would be ready to help those awakening now.

To show what needs to be done to move from a place of pain and suffering and learn how to heal themselves, shift their consciousness and vibration to a higher level.

The work is not easy. Everyone goes through an initiation, an awakening.

As your heart opens more and more you experience a connection to higher vibrations of love greater than anything you’ve ever felt before.

You start to remember what it feels like to be connected to source.

As you awaken more and more the connection becomes stronger, you remember more of who you are.

A divine being of light.

So many are here right now to assist in this process, look for the ones that the light shines out of.

You will be drawn to them.

You will know them by how they feel and how you feel when you are around them.

These are the people who can show you the way.

These are the people who can help you to release all of the pain and suffering that is stored within you, passed on through your bloodlines, from your ancestors.

Thousands of years of pain, suffering and abuse is coming up to be healed and released and if you are going through an awakening right now know that this is your soul work, your mission to clear these energies from our planet once and for all.

For the work that you do within you, ripples out around you.

Once the energy has been cleared through you, it stops with you.

More space is made for higher energies to reside within you, your body and energy holds more light.

As you ground this light into the planet it affects those around you. As more and more people do this heart felt powerful healing work, our world will change.

Slowly, steadily as you clear your energy and patterns and choose to live your life at a higher frequency of love.

If you are suffering right now, then know you are not alone.

Many walk this path with you, many walked it before you and there are many more to come after you.

We only start to heal by experiencing pain and deciding we no longer want to live like this.

Once you realise that you can only change yourself and not anyone or anything around you, you draw your energy back to you.

You draw your focus back to you and start the work that needs to be done on yourself.

The work that can only be done by you, for you.

Some will be able to assist you but only to help you to feel more of who you are on a soul level and show you the steps you need to take to heal yourself, release, let go and trust and have faith that everything you are now experiencing is part of your soul work.

Your healing journey will teach you so much about yourself.

Your experiences will in turn help you to assist others experiencing similar things that come after you.

We are all learning to take our power back from the programmes and conditioning that has taught us to give so much of ourselves away.

By healing and reclaiming our energy from situations, people and circumstances we get stronger and remember more of who we are and why we here right now on this planet.

We start to see with new eyes what our experiences are showing us about ourselves.

We never experience more than we are capable of dealing with so no matter how hard things feel right now, know that they will get better once you make the decision to put yourself first.

Once you make the decision to heal yourself.

Once you make the decision to expand your consciousness by going deeper within you.

By bringing your shadow side into the light.

By learning to transform your hurts, pains, traumas and suffering.

Transforming and alchemising your energy into more and more light.

As you heal and release your suffering and pain, you become able to hold more and more light.

You move into higher states of consciousness and ground this energy onto our earth.

Your light shines out around you like a beacon

You are awakening to who you truly are and the possibilities of who you can become.

If you are feeling called to seek assistance from me, email with any questions and to see how I may be able to help you on your journey of awakening.

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