Once you experience an awakening, a process begins that is irreversible.

You start to wake up to the world around you and what is going on inside you.

Patterns that you subconsciously previously played out everyday become noticeable to you.

Templates you inherited from your bloodlines and subconscious dysfunctional behavioural patterns start to become clear.

You do the work and start to break these templates, patterns and subconscious behaviours.

And while many paint awakening as fluff and love and light and magical rainbows and unicorns, for the most part that isn’t what I’ve experienced.

At the beginning it was all new and exciting to suddenly become aware of myself and a whole new world that I had closed my eyes to for most of my life up until that point.

But it hasn’t been without challenges.

At the start it was exciting to explore and develop my gifts and abilities, I worked on myself tirelessly to become aware of the shadow aspects of myself.

I realised I had felt energy all of my life I just wasn’t consciously aware of what it was.

My frequency went up rapidly as I undertook work to connect and heal my inner child.

I saw the world with new eyes and wondered how I had stayed so asleep, locked into painful cycles for so long.

And as my vibration went higher and higher, the shadow work really began.

For there to be light, there is also the ever expanding shadow aspect that correlates.

So while I could feel high highs in my energy, there was an ever increasing darkness that had to be felt and experienced.

Something that is rarely discussed about this process is how the darkness and shadow aspect of you evolves along with the pure bright light energy.

I expected that as my awakening would unfold, that I would spend more time in the higher frequencies.

It was a shock to discover that this wasn’t how it plays out.

While the highs of an awakening are amazing, it requires discipline and an ever expanding commitment to yourself and awareness of what is going on inside of you.

I come from an intellectual bloodline, I am a thinker and I overthink everything.

Over the years that has got me into trouble because as you may already know, when you start to awaken, your ability to create and manifest also awakens.

Your thoughts become your reality.

So with an undisciplined mind that overthinks, you can find yourself creating all the things you think about that you don’t want.

And this can create a negative downward spiral of feeling stuck and like everything is going against you.

Luckily for me, when i have that creative experience, I have trusted friend and mentors I can turn to who help me remember who I am.

Once I can remember my energy and shift back into my connection to Source, everything changes quickly.

Its instant.

So while mindset is something that is often talked about for money and relationships, I personally haven’t heard much about mindset within your awakening that can create negative experiences.

Be careful what you think of really comes to the fore here.

As your creative abilities develop and expand, so can the negative aspects of that creative energy if you allow your mind and thoughts to go there.

Awakening is about awareness of yourself, all of yourself.

As you experience higher energies, it takes work to understand why and when your energy is going towards creating experiences that are not going to be particularly enjoyable.

Patterns come up over and over again until you can see how you are in a pattern that is using your energy in a negative way.

It takes practice to see them and as you evolve, you will spot things faster and faster.

Loving yourself completely no matter what is going on around you.

8 years down the path of awakening I’m learning all of the time and I don’t expect or want that to ever change.

Claire <3


If you are someone that is struggling to move forward in your awakening, learn and develop techniques that allow you to clear your energy, know what is your energy and what isn’t and ways to come back to yourself quickly.

A toolkit of techniques is essential so that you can keep evolving and moving forward.

Without one its very easy to get stuck and not be able to see a way out.

For me, my main tool is meditation. There are others such as singing, playing crystal bowls, writing, etc etc

I always come back to meditation as the one thing that helps me understand my energy better, disconnect from what isn’t mine and come back to myself and my connection to source.

If I could show you what I do to balance and centre myself energetically, would you be open to learning these same techniques yourself?

I have opened 5 spaces for a 10 week course with me that will shift your vibration quickly. One spot is already gone so if you would like to find out more, send me a quick email claire@clairemarieguckian.com and we can see if we are a good fit to work together.

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