Healing happens on many different levels at very different times for each person. Our struggles can develop through not knowing how to take the next steps to heal. Not knowing how to let go. to release, to disconnect from anything that has hurt us in the past.

It begins with baby steps. Finding that one thing that makes you feel lighter, more free, inspired to keep moving forward. You try many different things – some that work and others that give you an experience but maybe weren’t the right fit for you.

Finding solutions and answers can motivate and spur us on to keep trying to become a more fulfilled and purposeful version of ourselves.

The struggle is where we find our strength, our power. It’s through the low points that we reach the depths of our pain and just when we think we can’t take it anymore, everything shifts and we move into the light once more, finding balance between the darkness and the light.

Healing of any sort of pain or trauma or hurt is never linear. There are ups and downs, waves of emotions and memories that surface over time. It’s knowing how to deal with these feelings and see where they developed from that helps us to become stronger, regain our power and move forward in our healing process.

When we don’t understand why we feel a certain way or realise what it is that we are holding on to that is causing the heaviness and sadness and emotional chaos, we feel disillusioned and out of control. Powerless to change or overcome our challenges.

Empowering ourselves is the only way to truly make lasting changes.

There is an element of discipline and ritual that has to be developed in order to become consistent in creating a new experience for ourselves in the form of our healing.

Resistance can surface over and over again because fear comes to the surface at the thought of going deeper into ourselves.

Our ego will generate many stories through these phases of resistance that give us the road map as to what the underlying programs are that are playing out within us at that time.

Our ego ultimately wants to keep us safe. Safe in the conditioned programming that is causing the pain, roadblocks, emotional chaos and dysfunctional patterns and relationships.

It’s learning to become the observer of self that allows us to silence the ego and let go of the conditioned programming and change it into something more desirable for what it is we want to achieve or create in our lives.

Healing doesn’t always feel safe. Especially at the beginning.

It is all unknown in the early stages and it can feel like taking the first steps are wildly out of your comfort zone.
As you move through a cycle of healing and your vibration shifts up, you understand that it’s not really that scary. It’s more of a discovery of all of the things that are keeping you from living a more fulfilled life of creativity.

A discovery that there isn’t anything you can’t change within yourself if you are willing and open to looking at it and creating a new energetic pathway within you.

Being more creative allows the healing process to keep moving forward. As you discover more of your creative abilities and passions you develop more techniques that help you make sense of what is happening in the midst of confusion.

Understanding yourself more and more and more as you heal.

Each persons experience is different. You will find people on similar paths but never exactly the same.

Connection to other people experiencing and overcoming similar issues, supports you to keep going.
To not give up on the dark days.

To just do that one thing you’re resisting that you know will make you feel better.

To keep discovering your passions.

Being more creative.

Developing discipline and consistency.

To take the small steps everyday to feel better more of every day after that.

And that’s the power of healing.

Small steps each day to create lasting change in your life.

Discovering within you the power to heal

Claire <3 P.S. I’m opening up a new mentorship programme in 2020 for people that are looking for support through their healing process. I will help you to understand what programmes are running subconsciously so that you can keep moving forward on your healing journey. Places for this work will be limited so if you’re feeling stuck and this type of work resonates right now, email me claire@clairemarieguckian.com and I will give you more details of how this will work. P.S.S. Also we’re starting a 30 day group cleanse January 6th so if you’re feeling the need to detox and eat clean then email me, claire@clairemarieguckian.com and I’ll give you all the details on how we’ll be doing this and what you need to do to join us.

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