Does talking about your shadow side bring up feelings of fear?

Like its something really scary?

When we are young children we create stories or beliefs about ourselves so that we can “fit” into our families.

Most people think they come from “normal” families but the truth is, that almost everyone has dysfunctional patterns and conditioning that they have taken on from their family unit.

There is no such thing as normal.

Our world wouldn’t be in the mess it is if people weren’t operating from dysfunctional patterns and programming.

Its not anything to feel bad about but its an area that does need more attention from most of us.

Especially if there is an area of your life that isn’t working out in the way you want or desire it to.

It can be relationships, money, career, health….

Any problem in any area of your life can be linked back to a belief you created as a child so that you could align to the vibration of the energy of the people who looked after you and cared for you.

If we don’t adopt an energy pattern that matches the people bringing us up we simply cant survive.

For example, you may have incarnated into a family where you didn’t fit in or felt different so in order to match the energy of your family you created a belief about yourself that you were not good enough or that there was something wrong with you.

When we talk about our shadow side, you are looking into those stories or beliefs you have created about yourself that aren’t true.

Its up to you to create a new story that works for you and helps you to achieve all of the things you desire and dream about.

As you evolve, a vital part of the process that you go through is integrating your shadow side.

Looking at the parts of yourself that bring up fear.

Aspects of yourself that make you feel shame and guilt.

That make you doubt who you are and what you’re here to do.

When you experience an awakening, you feel higher frequencies that remind you
of who you are in your purest form.

You feel new feelings of what can only be described as unconditional love for yourself, those around you and the magic of the connectedness of everything on this planet.

This is the energy that wakes you from your slumber.

Awakens you to something more.

But just as there is light, there are darker sides of all of us that have to be integrated within us.

A huge part of our journey and process is learning to go into our shadow and alchemise the parts of us that we are less proud of.

The parts of ourselves we’d rather hide.

The energies that lie within us that we have learnt to reject.

Cover up.

In order to keep growing you have to learn to transmute the darker parts of yourself into light.

Accept these parts of yourself.

Show yourself love.

Become aware of who you are.

Going deeper into yourself as your consciousness expands more and more.

Your awakening is just the beginning.

If you don’t work on integrating and transforming your shadow side, your evolution will halt.

Life will feel stuck.


Like you are forever going round in looping cycles.

No matter how evolved you think you are, we all have shadow work to do.

Every single one of us.

If you think you are somehow too evolved or already enlightened, your growth will slow down.

Until you face yourself.

All of yourself.

Your awakening is the signal its time to learn to release negative energy patterns and open yourself to receive more light.

More love.

Many people are not willing to look at their shadow side.

When they get triggered they attack outward instead of looking within for what its bringing up for them.

You simply cannot keep growing and expanding your consciousness if you refuse to look within.

An inability to look at your shadow side will weigh you down.

Keeping you locked into negative patterns and experiences.

Many people are waking up but not doing this work.

Wondering why their lives are not progressing forward.

Feeling like a victim to their awakening and experiences.

Finding balance within your own field can only come through acknowledging and integrating your shadow side.

Loving yourself fully no matter what you feel about the dark parts of yourself.

Each time you bring your shadow into the light, you are letting go of a bit more fear.

You are raising your vibration a bit more.

You are allowing more light to shine out from within you.

You are doing the difficult work that needs to be done to heal yourself.

You start to realise how the dark parts aren’t that scary at all.

We’re all here to have a human experience.

None of us are perfect.

Every single one of us has work to do.

If we accept the challenge and look at what we are being shown about ourselves
through the experiences we go through, we start to learn to shift our energy

Transmute the darkness into light

Let go of fear

Love ourselves completely.

Creating more energy of a higher vibration.

Impacting more people.

Showing others how to work through their shadow.

Changing the energy on our planet one person at a time.

Surrender to the process.

Open up to ALL of who you are.

Clear, transform and transmute the energy that keeps you from fully shining your light and creating the life that you dream of.

Make the decision to commit to working on yourself.


You are chosen to do this work because you have incredible gifts to share.

Learn to find balance within you.

Clear your energy.

Integrate your shadow side.

Love yourself

That love will ripple out around you, affecting every part of your life.

Love Claire xx

P.S. IF you need some help to integrate your shadow side and start to uncover the areas in your life you have created false beliefs about yourself, send me an email

I will now be offering my packages on a sliding scale payment basis so get in touch to see what we can work out to help you to shift your energy and integrate your shadow side as quickly as possible.


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