Healing is a word commonly used but what exactly does it mean?

Or rather entail for anyone going through a “healing” process.

I came across the term over 6 years ago when I was just starting to experience an awakening.

It was a time when I was beginning to understand the sensations and feelings I had felt my whole life but never taken any notice of.

I was starting to realise there was more to my existence than I had previously thought and this newfound excitement for life had me on a bit of a high.

I was excited about my new direction in life and I had so much hope for what was possible for me to create now that my belief systems had broken through the previous ceilings I had thought were there.

I was moving from a state of feeling like there was something wrong with me.

Like that was the only possible explanation for why my life wasn’t working out like other peoples and why I was single, in a dead end job, living for the weekends.

That period cracked me open and I started to feel that there was so much more to life, I just hadn’t been able to see it.

I was discovering new abilities, learning about all sorts of things and I was starting to connect into myself in a way I never had before.

I was learning there was a huge part of me that I had never realised was there and I was eager to connect in deeper to learn more and explore my potential.

It was during this time that I started to realise that as my consciousness expanded, so too did my awareness of what was lying underneath the surface that was ready to be healed.

Delving deeper into my subconscious patterns and what I was attracting into my life gave me the direction I needed to go in.

The first step for me was to learn to speak about what I was feeling.

For some people that isn’t a huge step but for me it was like drawing blood from a stone.

I was a closed book and talking about what I really felt was foreign to me.

It took a long time before I could get used to expressing exactly what it was I was feeling.

From there I took meditation classes that allowed me to disconnect from problems, trauma, hurts and pains from the past in a gentle way that over the course of a few weeks allowed me to make a huge shift in my emotional maturity.

For me that was real healing. To not just be able to talk about things but to be able to release that energy so it no longer caused emotional pain in my daily life.

Healing is really just bringing awareness to patterns and behaviours that are not allowing us to live out our purpose in its fullest capacity.

Unwinding the patterns and releasing the energy allows you to feel in balance more of the time.

Having the tools to understand how to release the energy, empowers you to move your life in the direction that feels good.

Healing allows you to move out of feeling like a victim to what life throws at you.

Healing allows you to let go of the past that is keeping you in repeating cycles with relationships, friendships, jobs and so on.

There are so many layers of healing.

As you grow and shift and heal you see things differently.

The more you heal, the easier it is to be in flow.

Healing is learning to understand yourself on a deeper level that is continuously expanding and evolving.

Sometimes we move through things with ease.

Sometimes we are dragged.

As I sit here writing this, I hurt my back yesterday and it took a physical pain to realise what I was avoiding in myself.

I have a pattern of saying I’m ok when I’m not.

Not asking for help or support because I think I need to be positive.

Putting my back out drew my attention to what I was resisting feeling. It showed me what I was ignoring in my energy.

Sometimes we see where we need to look within ourselves.

Sometimes we need to be brought to extremes to see what we need to deal with.

Healing is so many things for different people.

Healing is returning more and more to our true selves.

Honoring who we are.

Seeing our true potential and releasing anything that tells us otherwise.

Healing is being aware that the only person we can change is ourselves.

Healing is going inward to resolve issues rather than looking for change outside ourselves.

Healing is forgiveness.


Kindness. I


Healing is acceptance of the past and living in the present moment.

Healing is having faith and trust that everything is working out perfectly.

Healing is letting go of fear and control.

Healing is having fun and being playful.

Healing is patience.

Healing is being the change we want to see in the world.

Healing is embodiment of our true selves.

Healing is love.

Healing is learning to love ourselves a little bit more everyday.

Claire <3

P.S. If you are looking for assistance on your healing journey, I am taking applications for the meditation classes that i myself used 5 years ago to make a huge shift in my energy and vibration. These tools help you to gently release the past and move forward in a higher frequency. These tools will help you anytime you want to release energy from a person, situation or experience and have been the building blocks i have used to help me to keep moving forward on my evolutionary path over the last 5 years. Email me at claire@clairemarieguckian.com for more info. 

As part of your spiritual evolution, you may also be looking at changing your diet to help your physical body heal and shift to a higher frequency. If you would like some assistance with this, please email claire@clairemarieguckian.com and I will be in touch to discuss a plan suited to your specific needs. 



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